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We take a comprehensive approach with our patients dental health. It is all about  our clients who seek to find a caring and informative experience. Patients who come to see us can expect a systemic delivery in treating oral/dental pathology which supports and addresses their dental health care needs.

We want our patients to understand and value the discoveries that have been made in correlating oral dental health and the significant influences it has on the conditions to other systems in our bodies, one being the heart in particular. We take time to assess current conditions in our patients medical and dental history and evaluate how we can improve the over all dental and systemic health of our patients. To educate, inform and discuss how best we can serve them. We always endeavor to recommend the best possible options for our patients that we would want for ourselves our families and friends.

We believe that implementing  a team approach (Patient+Dentist+Hygienist) can achieve a long lasting and positive result. We provide various treatment options and help our patients to make sound and informed decisions on the path they want to proceed with. All our treatment plans are based on modern techniques that are scientifically proven by well recognized and world renowned educational research institutions. During treatment we use materials from the top five manufactures which are recognized by world dental supply leaders in the industry. We are constantly searching for new materials that can enhance the longevity of the restorations we task and it is why we also are continuing to educate ourselves to improve what we do.

How It Works

We operate on a team approach that involves the client and their family plus the dentist and the hygienist. We strive for long term results and treatment options to fit the needs of each individual we treat. We base any treatment plans on valid and scientific research and utilize modern technology to its greatest advantage.

Any products that we may need are supplied by reputable manufacturers. We keep ourselves informed and educated and make every effort to create long lasting restorations and procedures.