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How often should I have a dental check up?

It depends upon how well you maintain your teeth and if you have any medical issues that would affect the condition of your teeth.  Regular visits to Manotick Main Dental include checking for gum disease, cavities, loose fillings, broken teeth, infections, signs of oral cancer or other issues.  If problems are detected, you will be advised to return more frequently.

Do I need dental x-rays? If so, how often?

It depends on your dental and medical history.  If you have ongoing oral health issues or are planning extensive dental work, x-rays are taken more frequently.  X-rays allow the dentist to see between teeth and around old fillings.  They are used to identify bone loss, infections, abnormalities and root problems.  It can also detect temperomandiublar joint disorder (TMD).  The radiation emitted from dental x-rays is very small.  Advances in technology also allows less exposure than in years past.

Why do my gums bleed when brushing my teeth?

Bleeding during brushing and flossing is frequently the first sign of gum disease.  If plaque has built up along or below the gum lines, they can become inflamed or infected, which causes the bleeding.  If this is occurring, you should visit your dentist promptly.  If caught in the early stages, periodontal (gum) disease can be effectively treated and corrected.

What is different between my dentist whitening my teeth and using a store-bought kit?

In-office whitening treatments by your dentist uses a special bleach and heat source or light to activate the treatment, and generally include a kit to take home.  The home kit comes with a tray that is custom-fitted for your teeth and uses a special bleaching gel provided by your dentist.  The store kits have generic trays and gel.  It is always safest to have your teeth whitened by a dentist who can also check for any underlying medical causes for the discoloration in teeth.

How early should I take my child to the dentist?

We recommend the first visit when the first tooth erupts, or at around age of 2.  Recent studies reveal that as early as age 3 cavities can form.  Some of these cavities are caused by juice or milk taken at bedtime.  Premature loss of primary teeth can affect the permanent teeth.  It also encourages good oral hygiene and routines.

Should I go to the dentist during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are more prone to dental complications, including periodontal disease and pregnancy gingivitis.  Regular check ups and good oral hygiene can help teeth stay strong and healthy and prevent or reduce infections.

What is the difference between silver and white fillings?

Silver fillings are known as amalgams and have been very durable over the decades.  However, all that silver is not especially attractive.  More modern dental materials include tooth-colored filling materials.  These are still long lasting restorations but are hardly noticeable to others.  As amalgam fillings deteriorate over time, we recommend replacing them with the new tooth-colored replacements.