How drinks can affect your smile

Feb 28, 2022

Sugary foods have an impact on our general health. They also affect our teeth. In fact, some beverages that are touted as healthy may be harmful to our dental health. But don’t worry, our Manotick dentist can help!

The effects of drinks in your smile

Soft Drinks

Even those without sugar or called “diet,” have a significant amount of acid. This will damage tooth enamel. Those with sugar are double trouble. If you don’t think you can do without, try an alternative like flavoured waters or those that are sweetened with stevia.


Of course, this is high in acid, which will damage teeth and then the wine will convert to sugar in the body. If you still want to have the occasional glass, go with red. Yes, it will stain your teeth, but it will less if you rinse your mouth after drinking. You might also consider eating a cheese product. They have a protein called casein that will actually strengthen enamel and help prevent erosion.

Sports Drinks

These are designed to be consumed after a strenuous workout. However, many people drink them as simply a thirst quencher. Check the labels and see the sugar and sodium content and then reconsider.

Fruit Juice

Yes, this is a healthy alternative, but it still is high in sugar and acid. They can infiltrate the mouth and cause cavities. Instead, try some vegetable juices.

Coffee and Tea

The tannins that are in these drinks will definitely stain your teeth. However, some studies show that black coffee can be a cavity preventer. Green tea is showing up as a cavity prevention method and possibly contributes to good gum health. Be sure to avoid the sugar and lemon that will change the acid and sugar levels.

What should I drink?

The best drinks to choose from are plain water, which will hydrate your body naturally, as long as you don’t add any sugars or acids. The other choice is milk which will allow the proteins in your body to become stronger, helping to prevent tooth decay. Milk is also a good source of calcium for your teeth.

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