Periodontitis x Gingivitis: what is the difference?

Apr 14, 2022

Your Manotick dentist should always encourage you to floss regularly. This ensures a more thorough cleansing of your mouth and gums to prevent cavities and gum disease. However, some patients do not floss properly, which can cause some problems like Gingivitis and Periodontitis. If you don’t floss properly, you could end up damaging your gums. Flossing too hard or using the wrong type of floss can cause your gums to bleed.

What is the difference between Gingivitis and Periodontitis?

Gum disease presents itself as inflammation of the gum tissue that is caused by bacteria that live and grow around the tooth, usually around the gum line. Dental authorities have defined four distinct stages:

  • Gingivitis is generally indicated by bleeding during regular brushing
  • Early periodontitis showed by loss of tissue around the bone
  • Moderate periodontitis where the bone is damaged to the point that teeth become loose
  • Advanced periodontitis is when the teeth are so loose that it is difficult to bite and chew and is very painful.  


Gingivitis is the onset stage. When plaque remains on teeth at the gum line, the gums will become inflamed. This is the best time to catch the disease. With proper and continued oral hygiene, the individual can reverse the damage. Without it, periodontitis will result.


Periodontitis is when the bone that surrounds the tooth begins to deteriorate. This will take a professional dental intervention. In between the gum and tooth is a small area called the sulcus. When bacteria are trapped in this area, the gum tissue tries to fight back and becomes inflamed. Without intervention, the bacteria start destroying the bone.

Signs you should go to a Manotick dentist for gum disease check.

Your routine oral hygiene can provide a warning of gingivitis. When you brush or floss, if you notice traces of bleeding, you may well have the beginning stages of gingivitis. You need to inform your dentist of this at your next visit so they can begin treatment if necessary to prevent periodontitis.

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