The importance of a healthy smile

Mar 8, 2022

Your Manotick dental clinic will tell you that a healthy smile is better than an unhealthy one any day, any time. It can go beyond crooked teeth or discoloration. Lack of proper oral hygiene can lead to even more significant overall health problems.

The human body is interconnected. That means that poor oral health can contribute to other issues elsewhere. Additionally, the mouth can be a valuable diagnostic tool for health issues that have seemingly no relation to your smile.

How oral health can affect your overall health

The mouth is filled with good bacteria that help to combat disease and infections. These microscopic entities enter your mouth all through the day. Not all bacteria are good. When someone eats or drinks sugar or carbohydrates, a substance called plaque will form on the tooth’s surface. If not removed, harmful bacteria will feed on the plaque and cause an acid that will cause cavities and other dental issues. 

The dental issues you have heard about over and over are gum disease, tooth decay and loss. However, bacteria can enter any place as a concern, like cracked or damaged teeth, bleeding gums, or inflammation. Those little creatures can then travel all through the body.

Health Issues that can be caused by poor oral health

It takes medical and dental studies to determine if the illness or condition is caused by poor oral health or the reverse where the condition is damaging your teeth and mouth. You should just be aware that there is a connection, and you should discuss irregularities with both your primary care physician and your dentist.

Some of the interrelated conditions are:

Heart disease

Cardiovascular issues can be caused by bacteria that enter through the mouth.


Inflamed arteries can lead to strokes.

Pulmonary issues

Since the mouth and respiratory system are connected, chronic conditions like COPD can worsen.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Some studies link increased pain to inflammation that enters through the mouth.

Health conditions that can affect your oral health.

Certain medical conditions will affect the condition of your mouth. Some of these are:


Diabetics are more likely to develop gum diseases


The influx of hormones and increased existing oral health issues

Preventing issues.

For best results in your health, follow these guidelines:

  • Brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day.
  • Floss daily
  • Have your teeth professionally cleaned every six months

Of course, also visit your primary care doctor regularly and follow general safe health recommendations.

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