What is fluoride and why is it good for your teeth

Mar 29, 2022

For decades we have heard that fluoride is a mineral that will help the human body fight dental cavities. However, most people don’t understand how the process works and ask themselves why their Manotick dentist recommends fluoride treatments. Fluoride helps teeth become stronger and resistant to cavities by making the enamel harder. It can also help if there is already a cavity by slowing down the bacteria’s ability to produce acid. When combined with brushing and flossing, fluoride can be a powerful tool in preventing cavities and keeping your smile healthy. In this article, we will explain how fluoride works and why it is so important for dental health.

What is fluoride?

Minerals are part of our daily encounters. The calcium that is found in dairy products is a mineral. There are others as well. In addition, our daily oral hygiene will remove some of these minerals, both good and bad. If specific minerals are not replaced, the tooth enamel will become damaged. Plaque and bacteria will also strip away beneficial minerals from our teeth.  

Fluoride is a mineral that will strengthen teeth to fight the plaque and bacteria that cause problems. It has been found that treatments using fluoride in children younger than six years have helped their teeth grow better and then be stronger into adulthood.

Fluoride is a substance that is naturally found in drinking water. However, the amounts are usually so low that they do not do enough good. You can find bottled water that has been fluoridated. This is tasteless and is safe for all ages, even babies and children. In some areas, fluoridation is added to the community drinking source. When you read the labels, you will find that many toothpaste and mouthwash products also contain fluoride.

What you need to know about fluoride treatments.

As mentioned, fluoride is essential to good oral health. Some individuals can benefit even more. If you are prone to tooth decay (generally a genetic inheritance) or chronic dry mouth, crowns and those wearing braces, you should be sure to get your daily allotment. However, don’t overdo it. Too much can cause a condition called fluorosis, which is the result of ingesting too much fluoride. This is more prevalent in children swallowing toothpaste and mouthwashes. Just be sure to train your children to rinse appropriately.

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