Why is regular dental cleaning so important?

Apr 5, 2022

When you visit our Manotick dental clinic for regular dental cleaning, you get a lot out of the money you invest. We don’t just remove the plaque and polish your teeth. We give you a complete check-up and try to spot any early signs of problems that may be lurking under the surface.

Why is regular dental cleaning so important?

We check for decay.

Keeping your mouth free of decay is one of our primary concerns. We search for soft spots or pitting. This is an indicator that bacteria are working on the enamel. The bacteria develop from too much sugar in beverages and food but can also be caused by overly acidic choices. If brushing is inadequate or too infrequent, you are headed for problems. We will suggest a follow-up appointment and deal with the decay and insert a filling or prepare for a crown.

We check your gum health.

Gum disease is severe. Not only will it cause your teeth to shift and result in tooth loss, but it also contributes to physical conditions like cardiac problems, pulmonary issues, diabetes, and osteoporosis. We check for redness and bleeding. We offer deep dental cleaning and will gladly show you home dental treatments.

We check the jaw, lymph nodes and muscles.

The human skeletal system holds everything together, and that includes the jaw bone. Our dental staff will check to ensure the jaw is aligned correctly and any other issues like swelling or problems with facial muscles. Lymph nodes are checked as well. If there are any concerns, our dentists will examine the area carefully for any early signs of oral cancer. If appropriate, we will suggest an oral surgeon or medical doctor.

We check the integrity of your fillings.

Fillings don’t last forever. At some point, they will break down and need replacement. Cracked fillings are an excellent hiding place for bacteria to form and live and will cause deeper cavities if left untreated. Sometimes it takes a separate visit to deal with cracks or loose fillings.


Teeth are x-rayed at least once per year. This gives us a good view of the root system, between the teeth, and under the gum line.

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