The health benefits of Manotick braces

Sep 15, 2022

Everyone knows that Manotick braces will significantly improve your smile, but there is more to correction than just looking nice. The procedure can have a real impact on your overall health.

Braces Can Provide a Variety of Health Benefits


When teeth are missing or misaligned, it can be challenging to chew. Food that is not entirely broken down will be difficult for your body to digest the larger food particles. That can impact your intestinal tract.

Jaw Alignment.

When the teeth are not lined up, the jaw and muscles around that area must work much harder. These muscles can lock up and cause a condition called TMJ. This generally causes headaches and jaw pain. To correct this condition, your medical team will need to work with your dentist to relax the area and return your face and mouth area to their correct position.

Better speech.

When teeth are crooked or you have missing teeth, it can affect how your speak. With orthodontic procedures, the palate can be expanded to give the teeth more room and allow the tongue to function better. These can help speech patterns.

Better breathing.

When your mouth and teeth are in better shape, you may notice that your breathing improves, and you may snore less, just from better airflow. It has also been found that ear and sinus issues can improve with improved teeth and jaw alignment.

Better hygiene.

Overlapping and crooked teeth are more difficult to brush, flossing is often ignored because it is so hard to insert the floss, and too often, it breaks. With straight teeth, good oral health can be improved. Since maintaining good oral conditions benefits the entire body, this is quite important.


We all understand that brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash at least twice a day will prevent bad breath, gum disease, and stains. This will not only improve the person’s appearance but will be more pleasant to anyone they work with or encounter during the day. With solid dental habits, individuals will develop more confidence in their professional and personal lives.

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As you can see, good oral health is essential for many reasons. It can prevent bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay. It can also improve a person’s appearance and boost confidence. If you are misaligned teeth that are hindering your quality of life, Manotick Main Dental can help! We offer Invisalign, a near-invisible way to straighten your teeth, traditional metal braces, and other options. Book an appointment with us today!