Treatment Process

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Treatment Process

While deciding whether to pursue correction with Manotick Invisalign, many of our clients are interested in the process.


It begins with a discussion with your dental team. Invisalign does require commitment on the part of the wearer and it is important to realize that they will be worn virtually all day and night. There are also clinical considerations since this approach is not appropriate for all conditions. The payment options are discussed.


Treatment Plan

Your dental team at Manotick Main Dental will take x-rays, photographs and impressions of your teeth. These are sent to the Invisalign company together with a detailed plan of the results to be accomplished. The Invisalign technicians use this information to create 3-D image of your teeth along with a model of the final alignment expected. We have the ability to check this information through our office computers and we are in communication with Invisalign to be sure the treatment is exactly right. When we have approved the procedure, we instruct Invisalign to produce the trays. This may take up to a month.


Client Participation

You come to our office for a thorough explanation of the final process. The aligners are a set and must be worn in a specific order. Each tray is worn for two weeks and then on to the next in order. This process moves the teeth into straighter positions. The aligner is worn day and night and removed only to eat or to brush and floss.


Final Inspection

After the end of the last tray of aligner, you will return to our office. Our team will check the position of your teeth. It is fairly common that a few minor adjustments will need to be made. For that we work with Invisalign to order a few more sets of “refinement” trays. These may take another month to arrive. However, there is no extra charge for these refinement trays.



In order to be sure the jawbone has solidified to the new placement of the teeth, a retainer should be worn. Invisalign offers a product named Vivera which is similar to the trays you wore to align your teeth, except they are a bit thicker and they are not changed out. You could also opt for a wire retainer. For the rest of your life you will need to wear a retainer for a short while each week. Teeth continually move and this is to maintain your best appearance.