Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment

Sometimes harmful bacteria break through the outer shell of the tooth to create a cavity. Sometimes filled cavities further decline. The end result is that the decay can develop down to the nerve. In that case, a root canal is the recommended procedure.

What We Do?

At Manotick Main Dental we are able to help you through this process. We explain what you should expect.

To begin we assess the damage and determine whether a filling will suffice or if it is necessary to perform a root canal. If so, the dentist will go through the tooth’s crown and remove any diseased pulp. Then the hole is filled with a special material to restore the tooth.

Sometimes during this process, it is necessary to remove the nerve, blood and nutrient supplies. Following Root Canal Treatment, the tooth will become brittle and prone to breakage. If the tooth does fracture/break, then an extraction may be needed. To prevent that, a full crown is recommended following the root canal in order to save the tooth for the long term. Having a root canal but not finishing it with a crown may lead to additional problems further on.

A general dentist is able to perform most root canals, but for complex cases, an endodontic specialist will be required. Following that you will return to your general dentist for ongoing and regular care.